Clitwafer--her ideal shower toy

Designed in Germany
produced by PeachBud
Totally new mode in 2016
Meet her satisfactory at Shower


Wireless Finger Ring

Tired of using your hands to control the pace?

Sit back, relax and enjoy hands free ecstasy with our wearable,
wireless remote control ring

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Combo with 5 functions in one vibrator

-3 up and down speeds
-7 waving modes
-10 vibration patterns
-suction cup

Combo vibe

Twist anal plug

Engage in creative play with our high-quality anal plug. Designed to make anal less daunting for first timers, but fulfilling for those who’ve enjoyed this unique pleasure before,


Rechargeable Bullet

Our Rechargeable Bullet is one of our most popular products with our global partners, and for good reason. Combining the power and easy transportability of a bullet vibe with the convenience of a rechargeable battery, this wireless vibe is discreet and powerful enough to deliver amazing climaxes time after time. Its small size makes it perfect for travel during couple’s getaways, or any other reason.


Racing Bull cock ring

-19 vibration patterns
-quiet vibration
-waterproof IPX6
-USB rechargeable
-For both men and women
-Eyes LED indicator
-Super power -built in lithium battery